Writing competitions across these three categories will again be held in 2017. Watch this space and check the February and March issues of the e-Newsletter and the March issue of Women’s Ink! for all details and forms regarding entry requirements.

Theme: Be Inspired by Giving Women a Voice

The Society of Women Writers NSW Committee would like to congratulate the following Winners:

National Non-Fiction Award for Essays and Articles 2015

  • First Prize Pippa Kay "Breathtaking"
  • Second Prize Carol Middleton "Dreaming of Freedom"
  • Third Prize Pauline Harvey "The Doctor's Wife"
  • Highly Commended Chystal Abidin "When you travel alone through foreign cities as a young woman"
  • Commended Nicola West "The Fight"

National Poetry Competition 2015

  • First Prize Cynthia Rowe "Union Rep Ruby"
  • Second Prize Carolyn Alfonzetti "Canary Song"
  • Third Prize Moira Kirkwood "Flowering"
  • Highly Commended Gail Hennessy "Finding The Words"
  • Commended Colleen Keating "In Search Of Hildegard Of Bingen"

National Short Story Competition 2015

  • First Prize Michelle Reidy "This Is How A Voice Sounds"
  • Second Prize Lynne Cook "No Words For It"
  • Third Prize Erica Woolgar "Waiting For Mare"
  • Highly Commended Judith O"Connor "Run Rabbit Run"
  • Commended Bridget Mckern "Lady-In-Waiting"

The Biennial Book Awards for members of the Society of Women Writers NSW Inc will again be held in 2018.


Winners presented on September 11, 2013 at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW

  • FIRST PRIZE: Susan Fealy "The Hope Stone"
  • SECOND PRIZE: Dr Frances Olive "At the Temple"
  • THIRD PRIZE: Marilyn Peck "From My Bed on Dry Winter Mornings"
    Gillian Hunt "Heartland"
    Moira Kirkwood "Moto (artist to Genius)"
    Ali Jane Smith "Sestina After a Marriage"
    Lesley Walter "In Memoriam (of Vera Newsom)"
    Winifred Weir "Summer Is and Has Been"

SHORT STORY - 2013 Winners of the National Open Short Story Competition

Winners presented on October 9, 2013, at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW

  • First Prize: Sarah ENDACOTT "Shock-Shit"
  • Second Prize: Julie CHEVALIER "An Honour that I"d thought not of"
  • Third Prize: Claire AMAN "Wrangler"
    Julie KEARNEY: "Killing Him Softly"
    Suzanne GASKELL: "Beautiful Boys"
    Julie CHEVALIER: "Little Fires"

A. POETRY - Winners presented on September 12, 2012 at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW

  • First Prize: "We have one another now and again" by Winifred Weir
  • Second Prize: "At the Crossing" by Lesley Walter
  • Third Prize: "A Brief History of Fun" by Dr Penelope S Cottier

B. SHORT STORY COMPETITION - Winners presented on October 10, 2012 at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW

  • First Prize: "Beyond Walls" by Susan McCreery
  • Second Prize: "Caretaker Li and My Sanity Patch" By Meg Wallens
  • Third Prize: "Marked" by Heather Bird