Theme: Be Inspired by Giving Women a Voice

The Society of Women Writers NSW Committee would like to congratulate the following Winners:

National Non-Fiction Award for Essays and Articles 2015

  • First Prize Pippa Kay "Breathtaking"
  • Second Prize Carol Middleton "Dreaming of Freedom"
  • Third Prize Pauline Harvey "The Doctor's Wife"
  • Highly Commended Chystal Abidin "When you travel alone through foreign cities as a young woman"
  • Commended Nicola West "The Fight"

National Poetry Competition 2015

  • First Prize Cynthia Rowe "Union Rep Ruby"
  • Second Prize Carolyn Alfonzetti "Canary Song"
  • Third Prize Moira Kirkwood "Flowering"
  • Highly Commended Gail Hennessy "Finding The Words"
  • Commended Colleen Keating "In Search Of Hildegard Of Bingen"

National Short Story Competition 2015

  • First Prize Michelle Reidy "This Is How A Voice Sounds"
  • Second Prize Lynne Cook "No Words For It"
  • Third Prize Erica Woolgar "Waiting For Mare"
  • Highly Commended Judith O"Connor "Run Rabbit Run"
  • Commended Bridget Mckern "Lady-In-Waiting"

The Biennial Book Awards for members of the Society of Women Writers NSW Inc will again be held in 2018.