Women Writers' Literary Luncheon Wednesday 8 November, 2017

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Elisabeth Storrs: Art, Inspiration and Historical Fiction - A Tuscan Odyssey

Elisabeth StorrsElisabeth has long had a passion for the history, myths and legends of the ancient world. Her curiosity piqued by an Etruscan sarcophagus depicting a couple embracing for eternity, she discovered the little-known story of the struggle between Etruria and Rome and the inspiration to write the Tales of Ancient Rome Saga.

Elisabeth will talk about how their art inspired her saga and, in turn, how her books inspired an archaeologist to use Elisabeth’s characters to ‘voice’ the statues in her museum. Over the years Elisabeth has worked as a solicitor, corporate lawyer and corporate governance consultant. She is the co-founder of the Historical Novel Society Australasia, and a former Deputy Chair of the NSW Writers' Centre


An Award Cermeony will be conducted and winners of the National Writing Competitons will be announced and presented with their Awards during the Luncheon.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Elisabeth Storrs: The Telling Detail - Transforming Historical Research into Imagery

Elisabeth StorrsA passion for history is an essential for an historical novelist however what is infinitely fascinating for the writer might be tedious for a reader. In this workshop, Elisabeth Storrs will provide insights into categorising your research to manage backstory, plot and setting to enable you to identify those ‘telling details’ that give depth to your characters, evoke the senses, and instil a sense of place.

Elisabeth will also conduct writing exercises to assist you to bring immediacy to your writing and avoid ‘history showing through’ to the detriment of pace and narrative flow. Attendees are encouraged to bring a piece of research or an image which has inspired them.

Elisabeth Storrs is the author of the Tales of Ancient Rome saga which has been endorsed by international best-selling authors Ursula Le Guin, Ben Kane and Kate Quinn. The third book in the saga, Call to Juno, was an Editor’s Choice and featured on the cover of the Historical Novel Review. Elisabeth’s books have been praised for their vivid and authentic rendering of women’s lives in the ancient world.


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