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EVENING WORKSHOP - The Importance of Presenting with Meenakshi Bharat

The Importance of Presenting: Point of View in Fiction 
Who doesn’t love a good story!

Wednesday, 23 October at The Women's Club

Quite often, our immersion in the act of ‘listening,’ keeps us from actively registering ‘who’ is telling it to us and from whose ‘point of view’ we are getting the story, partly because the author has skillfully and unobtrusively ‘managed’ to hide this.

There are other times when the author willfully emphasizes the ‘narrative perspective.’

In this workshop, recognizing that the narrative point of view, hidden or overt, is one of the most important stylistic aspects to impact the dissemination and reception of fiction, Meenakshi will turn your attention to the importance of the two basic questions: ‘Who am I listening to when a story is narrated to me?’ or ‘Whose voice is directing the narrative?’

As conscious creative writers, you need to take control of ‘perspective’ to maximize narrative impact, and to achieve the intended result. To mark the importance of this impulse, Meenakshi will endeavor to appreciate, through individual and combined exercises, how and why these narratorial choices are made. Not only will this enhance the overall reading experience and the underlying creative process but it will set you on the path to writing with ‘effect.’

Date & time: Wednesday, 23 October - 5.30pm to 7.30 pm
Venue: The Women’s Club -
Level 4, 179 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

Cost: $40 plus booking fee for Members - includes pre workshop nibbles - 
$50 plus booking fee for Non Members - includes pre workshop nibbles
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