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Sanda Lum

Paperback 2023

Brave Katherina Giselle is a gifted teacher. She obtains a teaching job at a prestigious school in London during the COVID-19 era. Principal Leo at the school does not allow her to teach anything creative. Although she is at an elite school, she feels she has no freedom but her compassionate American friend Bear encourages her to use her creative thoughts to write. She secretly writes fantasy stories about creativity and equality, becoming a top-selling author before long. She somehow manages to keep her secret hidden from Principal Leo’s notice.

Things take a shaky turn when tyrannical Principal Leo becomes aware of her publications. Principal Leo thinks Katherina is a terrified typical gazelle and that he could silence her and diminish her creative ideas by threatening her. Katherina Giselle’s mysterious and innovative thoughts give her powers beyond Principal Leo’s imagination.  

Profoundly inventive and entertainingly educative, Katherina Giselle encapsulates the importance of courage, righteousness, creativity, and imagination. This is a timeless story for all those who love to imagine.

Sanda Lum is an Australian primary school teacher. She values her conscience and her children as her utmost priority. She lives in Sydney with her daughter. When she is not preoccupied thinking about reading, writing and teaching, she spends time cooking her daughter’s favourite dishes and talking about going on adventurous trips with her daughter. Katherina Giselle is Sanda’s debut children’s book.

Reading age: 6-8

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