Member Book Releases

Pat Simmons

Paperback 2021

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of my latest children’s picture book, The Cat Thief, illustrated by Liz Duthie and published by Little Pink Dog Books.
Olive wants a cat … badly! She’s desperate. She’s determined. But the local cats are NOT impressed. Olive has another idea. Is it a better idea? Will Olive find just the right cat?

Pat lives at Scarborough on the NSW south coast, with her collection of critters including three cats, one pug, a stick insect and three rainforest snails.
She’s a writer of poetry, short stories, flash fiction and children’s picture books.
Pat’s picture books, Ziggy’s Zoo, illustrated by Vicky Pratt published by Little Pink Dog Books, and Little Spiral, illustrated by Patrick Shirvington, published by Little Steps, entered the world in 2018. In October 2019, Little Spiral, was released in the UK and USA.
Her third picture book, George, illustrated by Katrin Dreiling, published by Little Steps, was released in 2019. Picture book number four, Gargoyle’s Garden, published by Nightingale Books came to life in November 2020.