Members Book Awards

Members Book Awards 2020 - Winners

The Society’s Members Book Awards ceremony was held on 10 February 2021, delayed because of COVID until we could all meet in person back in the Dixson Room at the State Library.
We congratulate everyone who entered, especially the Commended, Highly Commended and Winners, as listed below, and offer our sincere thanks to the judges for their hard work and heart-felt comments.

Poetry - judged by Margaret Bradstock

Winner:  Colleen Keating  ◊  Hildegard of Bingen

Highly Commended:  Pip Griffin  ◊ Margaret Caro
Highly Commended:  Colleen Keating ◊  Desert Patterns
Commended:  Tricia Dearborn  ◊  Autobiochemistry



– judged by Carolyn Beaumont

Winner:  Christine Sykes  ◊  The Changing Room

Highly Commended:  Diane Armstrong  ◊  The Collaborator
Highly Commended:  Carmel Bendon  ◊  Grasping at Water
Commended:  Cindy Broadbent  ◊  The Revolutionary’s Cousin



– judged by Judith O’Connor

Winner:  Colleen Keating  ◊  Hildegard of Bingen

Highly Commended:  Jo Oliver  ◊  Jessie Traill – a Biography
Highly Commended:  Annabet Ousback  ◊  Red Herrings for Breakfast
Commended:  Jessica North  ◊  Esther



– judged by Paul McDonald

Winner:  Libby Hathorn  ◊  Miss Franklin

Highly Commended:  Georgina Donaghey  ◊  In the Shadow of an Elephant
Highly Commended:  Susanne Gervay  ◊  The Boy in the Blue Glasses


Young Adult – judged by Paul McDonald

No prizes awarded.