Women Writers' Christmas Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 12 December, 2018

KEYNOTE SPEAKER :  Susie Smither - Multi Award Winning Entertainer, Presenter and ALVA President

Susie SmitherSusie began her impressive career as a dancer/singer, joining cabaret trio Triple Treat at an early age. Triple Susie Smither and Ita ButroseTreat achieved an Ace Award and five Mo Awards for excellence in live vocal variety  performance, with these awards proudly spanning a 25-year period. Diversifying soon after the formation of the act, Triple Treat Promotions was born and a long and exciting journey began.

Many years of runway and editorial modelling for Susie segued into fashion event management and styling, with over a decade with David Jones as Project Manager. During that time, she managed Suburban Fashion Events over sixteen stores and across three states each fashion Season. Hosting store openings, book launches, celebrity and Susie Smither and Ray Martinchef appearances along with food tastings teams across two states, she continued the David Jones association.

Shopping centres, retail & corporate contracts span children’s talent quests, pantomimes, licensed character events, workshops and activations, fashion style sessions & runway events, celebrity chef appearances and food demonstrations, which keep the Triple Treat Promotions team busy.

Presenting and MC/Compere work is a passion and Susie has interviewed and toured with celebrities and talents from the fashion, dance, TV and all things Westfield world, as well as the celebrity chefs Susie Smither and Maggie Beerand foodies adding diversity and exciting experiences! It is not surprising being so involved in the entertainment industry, that Susie has wanted to “give back” from way back!

Susie has been an active member of ALVA since 1982. ALVA is the Australian Ladies Variety Susie Smither and ManuAssociation which represents all the female Entertainers in Australia, who make live appearances on stages and in various aspects of the live entertainment industry. She joined the Committee in 1997, was Secretary in 2003, was Vice President to President Maria Venuti in 2004 and became ALVA President in 2005. Susie has continued in this role to this date.  With love and appreciation always to a strong and supportive committee of amazing ALVA girls! And the journey continues!


An Presentation will be made to the winner of the 2018 Abbie Clancy Award, who will then give a brief account of her work.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Pippa Kay - The Gun On The Mantelpiece

Pippa Kaye  Chekhov is alleged to have said: “If there’s a gun on the mantelpiece in Act 1, then someone should fire it in Act 3”.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be a gun, and it needn’t be on the mantelpiece. Chekhov is talking about foreshadowing, and it may also refer to the importance of not including anything that isn’t relevant to the story. In this workshop we’ll discuss Chekhov’s gun and how it can be used in structuring your stories and achieving that “ah-huh” moment at the conclusion for your readers.

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