Women Writers' Literary Luncheon 10 May 2017

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : 'Animating the Archive'

Alana Valentine Alana Valentine
Every day, all over the world, a small army of librarians and archivists are painstakingly organizing and storing the history of human lives. The riches of their meticulous work should be met by writers, artists and others when they access the archives to tell the stories of our past. Alana will discuss the methods she developed as a Harold White Fellow at the National Library of Australia and a Prime Minister’s Centre Fellow at the Museum of Australian Democracy, which resulted in her stage plays Letters to Lindy and Crossing the King. They will be of interest to any writer who plans to use research in their own writing work. 

Alana Valentine is an Australian playwright with a growing international reputation, having won both national and international awards. In 2016 she had productions in Maryland, USA, Hobart Tasmania, Wollongong, Canberra and her hometown of Sydney. In March 2017 Cold Light, adapted from Frank Moorhouse’s novel, will be performed in Canberra. Barbara and the camp dogs, co-written with Ursula Yovich will be performed at Belvoir. The NLA will publish Dear Lindy and Currency Press will publish four works including a writing memoir called Bowerbird and the stage play Letters to Lindy.

WORKSHOP: 'Trends in Children’s and YA Fiction'

Kathie TaskerKathie Tasker
Once an editor/publisher, Cathie Tasker has edited and commissioned nearly 800 books, mostly children’s and YA fiction. She now works full-time as a creative writing teacher for the Australian Writers Centre. She's passionate about books, reading and online learning and has worked with Australia’s leading trade and children's book publishers - HarperCollinsPublishers, Scholastic Australia and Koala Books.

She judges literary awards, and has worked with the CBCA, the Aurealis Awards and others. She recently completed 3 years of judging for the CBCA, so is up-to-date with trends in children’s and YA fiction. Cathie sees her most important skill as teaching writing and working as a structural or developmental editor to help authors shape and develop their work. As an editor and publisher she worked on popular and award-winning titles, many of which are still in print.

Guest Speaker: 'We Lived On A Coral Attol Once ...'

Jan Conway
Jan Conway

Ever dream of living on a Pacific island? Jan Conway and her family lived that dream. Using memory, journals, diaries, letters and her children’s school ‘News’ books, Jan is writing of her families’ experience living as expatriates on the remote Pacific nation of Kiribati. Initially her intention was to simply reproduce their stories for her grandchildren.

In 2009 she completed a short course lead by Barbara Brooks entitled: ‘Women Telling Stories: handing on to the next generation’. From day one Jan was hooked, and her book of transcribed children’s stories morphed into her own writing journey. Thirty-five years later she returned to the islands with her daughter. Jan’s goal for 2017 is to have her memoir Skimming the Surface ready to go to a structural editor by the middle of the year. Jan is a member of Willoughby Writers, now under the mentorship of Robyn McWilliam. She also belongs to a memoir group in Gordon. Her short story ‘Spirit bilong Billy’ was published in 2011 in the Willoughby Writers.
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