Women Writers' Literary Luncheon 13 September 2017

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Writing on the Fly: The Art of Travel Writing’ - Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall Catherine Marshall is a freelance journalist and travel writer who grew up in South Africa and now lives in Sydney.

She has received awards for her news, feature and travel writing on three continents, including Best Foreign Journalist 2015 (National Tourism Ministry, India) for her report on the country’s Maha Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest religious gathering, which attracts up to 120 million visitors over six weeks.

Catherine is an alumna of Ledig House, an international writers’ residency in New York State, and is a member of the Australian Society of Authors and the Australian Society of Travel Writers. She contributes regularly to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Qantas magazine and other publications.

GUEST SPEAKER SPOT - A Convergence of Events – Or an Accident of History? - Olga Chaplin

Olga Chaplin In the great upheaval of post-World War II, Olga Chaplin, her parents, brother and sister arrived in Sydney as ‘displaced persons’ in March 1950.

Since then, Olga has journeyed along many paths in her working life: as a young clerk with the AMP Society, a stenographer, and later as an administrator, and teacher.

Olga now has the luxury to be able to spend time writing, which is both a challenge and a joy. This is Olga’s first book. The Man From Talalaivka, fiction based on a true story, tells of her parents’ lives during the Stalin era, Germany’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine, and of her family’s removal to Germany’s labour camps in 1943, including Wilhelmshaven, where she was born in 1944. Eventually, at war’s end, the family was moved to Heidenau camp, in the Allied zone. The family’s good fortune in being given a safe haven in Australia, after some years in Heidenau camp, has never been forgotten

WORKSHOP PRESENTER: 'Victory from Defeat: How to Write a Thriller' - Mark Abernethy

Mark Abernathy Mark Abernethy is a journalist, novelist and ghost-writer. He has written for mastheads such as The Bulletin, Inside Sport and the Australian Financial Review and has been a magazine editor and a bureau chief on newspapers.

He has published six novels including the Australian spy thrillers Golden Serpent, Second Strike, Double Back and Counter Attack, and the military thrillers Arctic Floor and Strikeforce Lightning under the name Mark Aitken. Abernethy has ghost-written twelve books on business,  finance, military and aviation.

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