Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 11 April, 2018.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Dr Rae Luckie - ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go!’ The Pleasures And Perils Of Life Writing

The term life writing (generally called creative non fiction in the US) encompasses the writing of one’s own or another’s life, and includes memoir, biography, autobiography, family history—and can include diaries, journals, letters and other items of ephemera.

Mentoring life writers and judging the Biennial Walter Stone Award for life writing since 2010, has given Rae a unique insight into the ‘state of the art’ of life writing in Australia. Researching and writing can provide great pleasure, but one needs to consider the perils of publishing without considering legal and ethical issues.

GUEST SPEAKER - Libby Hathorn : Empathy Poem Project

Libby Hathorn Libby will take us through the guidelines for writing Empathy poems for the website of Writer and Associate Professor Debra Adelaide who has contacted our society about contributions for her Empathy Website. Attendees will be invited to write empathy poems.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Dr Rae Luckie - Memories of Place—Writing Through the Senses

Dr Rae LuckieWhile we focus on character and events in life story writing, place is sometimes neglected. Place is not just a physical location—places are imbued with memories.

Rae draws on David Malouf’s book 12 Edmondstone Street, which combines autobiography with the ways objects and places build up our ideas of reality and shape our fabrications. Places, personal objects, family treasures and souvenirs hold memories, and there is often a story behind these. In this workshop, you can explore how sensory details can create settings that will evoke the era and mood to enhance your life stories.

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