Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 11 March, 2020

 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jessica North - First Fleet Convict to First Lady

Jessica North Jessica is Director of the Habitat Stepping Stones program at Macquarie University and founding Director of the online Senior Services Guide. She has also written articles, lifestyle books and business guides, and co-wrote a chapter for the United Nations book Tomorrow Today.

Using beautiful images, Jessica will describe her 10 years of research to uncover the true story of Esther Abrahams, a first fleet convict girl who became First Lady of New South Wales. Esther was also influential in the early Jewish community and was the first woman in Australia to manage a large agricultural estate.


Elizabeth Webby Judge Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Webby AM FAH will present the Abbie Clancy Award to the Winner and the Award Winner’s Response.


WORKSHOP: Felicity Pulman - Who’s Telling this Story?

Felicity PulmanWhat if Jane Austen had written Pride and Prejudice from Mr Darcy’s point of view?

What if To Kill a Mockingbird was written as a legal whodunnit starring Atticus Finch?

In this workshop Felicity Pullman will look at building characters, point of view and voice to help you decide the most effective way of telling your story.

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