Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 12 February, 2020


Di YerburyA Presentation will be made by Di Yerbury, to the winner of the 2020 Di Yerbury Residency Award, followed by the Judges’ Report and Winner’s Response.

Previous winner, Helen Thurloe will tell us of her Barnstaple experience.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr Sukhmani Khorana - Refugees and Solidarities: Is Food a Solution?

Sukhmani Khorana Dr Sukhmani Khorana holds a PhD in film studies from the University of Adelaide. Her doctoral project involved a holistic study of diasporic cinema, as well as a manifestation of the same in the making of a documentary about Indian migrants.

Her current research looks at cross-platform refugee narratives, diversity in film and television, as well as food in inter-cultural contexts.

With Prof Kate Darian-Smith and Prof Sue Turnbull, Sukhmani holds an ARC Linkage grant that is examining migration and television in Australia. Sukhmani's teaching expertise spans global media, digital media, media ethics, qualitative research methods and intersectional cultural studies.

WORKSHOP: Dr Sukhmani Khorana: Eat, Travel, Connect: Writing without Othering

Sukhmani Khorana When I travelled to Vietnam on my own several years ago, I realised that there was barely anything available in the non-fiction market that digressed from the usual tales of solo western women on a temporary sojourn to find love, spiritual redemption, or seriously good food.

There is nothing inherently wrong with traveling for those reasons, but the narratives they bring forth are often trite and tend to freeze 'other’ cultures in time.

This workshop will attempt to undo our cliched ways of thinking, and therefore writing about non-western places and foods. It is an endeavour to look at similarities as well as differences, and sometimes sit with productive discomfort.

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