Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 12 June, 2019

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Jackey Coyle - Writing Stories

Jackey Coyle Jackey Coyle writes stories – whether they’re fiction, nonfiction or poetry. She began writing about music in 1993 and moved into freelance travel editing for Lonely Planet, lifestyle magazine feature writing, ghostwriting, and fiction.

Along the way she fell in love with editing other people’s words and took time out to manage an Aboriginal art centre in the Kimberley. She is co-writing a book on cancer breakthroughs for a 2019 release. Jackey will discuss the connections between these seemingly disparate forms, arguing that they all slot seamlessly into a portfolio career that takes in fashion design, aeronautical engineering, small business and academe. More about Jackey here.

MEMBER SPEAKER - Sharon Rundle - Anthologies and Short Stories

Sharon Rundle A look behind the scenes at editing and producing collections of short stories. How are stories chosen, how are collections and anthologies of stories put together? What is involved in the production? How to find a publisher?

Sharon will also speak about the Australian Short Story Festival 2019

WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Jackey Coyle - How To Design Your Writing Life

Jackey Coyle Jackey Coyle always aspired to be a polymath – her career has swung from aeronautics to art, music management to retail, jewellery to teaching/training, photography to publishing.

Finding the nuts and bolts of running her businesses dead boring, she designed more colourful systems to keep up with paperwork. Invited to design a course that focused on the business skills editors needed, she was meanwhile developing ways to sustain her writing practice by making the most of her time and energy. This evolved into a course at Writers Victoria focused on designing your life around your writing. Jackey will present a taster of her one-day course with exercises, discussions and takeaway resources. More information here.

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