Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 12 September, 2018

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Libby Hathorn - The Agony and Ecstasy of Making a Story

Libby Hathorn Multi Award winning writer Libby, will examine the inspiration for and the process of making a text, be it the’ lightning strike’ or the ‘slow burn' using picturebook text, novel and poetry.

She will suggest ways of tapping into and using our own inspirations to map and make stories..

MEMBER SPEAKER - Pippa Kay - What’s the Difference between a Short Story and a Long Story?

Pippa Kaye Word length isn’t the only difference.  A short story isn’t an abbreviated or summarised novel.  In her book, Keeping it in the Family, Pippa has ten stories of varying lengths.  They’re as long as they need to be.

She is the author of two other books:  Doubt & Conviction: The Kalajzich Inquiry, (non-fiction) and Back Stories (short stories). 

Pippa has been a member of the Society of Women Writers for over 20 years and is also involved with the Coastal Cruising Club of Australia and produces their newsletter 'Mainsheet'.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Libby Hathorn - Writing Creatively

Libby HathornNuts and bolts will help you
We must attend to these-
But silence and our dreaming time
How to turn these keys?
To plumb the depths of dreaming,
Forge mysteries into words,
Create a world and people it
That no one else has heard.
This workshop will attempt to do all!


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