Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 13 June, 2018.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Amanda Hampson: To La-la Land and Back

Amanda Hampson Amanda Hampson’s best-selling debut novel The Olive Sisters, was released in 2005, followed three years later by Two for the Road. Her most recent novels are The French Perfumer (2017) and The Yellow Villa (2018). She is currently working on a novel entitled Sixty Summers, set in Sydney and Europe.

In 2007 The Olive Sisters was optioned for a movie by a ‘Hollywood’ producer and Amanda had the opportunity to write the screenplay. Over the next eight years, there were dozens of script rewrites and various stars and producers involved. This is the behind the scenes story.

MEMBER SPEAKER - Valentine Bingham-Hall: 1954, My Remarkable Year Breaking Through The Rigidity Of The Times

Valentine Bingham-HallHaving spent her life doing social work and interior design, at the age of 85 Valentine decided to try her hand at writing. Her first book, Rigidity, is partly memoir and partly family history with two underlying themes: the effects of the English class system and the unbendable rules of the Catholic Church in the 1950s. While sorting out the 100 old letters from her fiancé, Valentine realised there was a vivid story to be told. The background is of postwar England with the social requirements, closed minds, and fixed attitudes which pertained in those days.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Amanda Hampson: Smash Out That Novel!

Amanda Hampson Amanda is an entertaining presenter who has been running fiction and memoir workshops for the past seven years and has appeared at NSW Writers’ Centre, Sydney Writers’ Festival, Canberra Writers’ Festival and the Orange Writers’ Festival, as well as many regional events.

Find out how to plunder your life for material, craft a killer premise, create a dynamic and sustainable protagonist, outwit your readers with plot reversals--and get it written! Participants need to be prepared for a hands-on productive workshop.

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