Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 14 February, 2018

KEYNOTE SPEAKER :  Melissa Bruce - Embracing Obstacles – Grit for the Pearl

Melissa Bruce Sharing about the creation of her original novel, ‘Picnic at Mount Disappointment’, Melissa Bruce will celebrate the concept of embracing some creative, technical, external and internal ‘obstacles’ that can arise during the birth of a literary work and how they can provide ‘grit for the pearl’. Melissa Bruce holds an MA in Writing (UTS), a Diploma in Directing (NIDA) and a B.Ed. (Vic. College).

She has worked as a teacher (UTS, Sydney University CCE, NSW Writers’ Centre), theatre director (Sydney Theatre Co. & State Theatre S.A.), stage manager (Royal Shakespeare Co.) and performance coach (www.melissabruce.com). Melissa has produced original stage, radio and educational plays and published short stories and poetry. The Australian Society of Authors awarded her a mentorship to develop her unusually formatted debut novel, Picnic at Mount Disappointment which has won the 2017 Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Fiction. Melissa will discuss the creation of this original work in her keynote speech


Di YerburyA Presentation will be made by Di Yerbury, to the winner of the 2018 Di Yerbury Residency Award .

Last year's winner, Terri Green will speak to us about her experience and her writing project.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Melissa Bruce - ‘Do I Dare?’ – Finding the Most Vibrant Way to Tell a Story

Melissa Bruce From the very beginning, creating a work of literature involves a million little choices, decisions, solutions, revisions…  All have maximum impact on the final result.

How can we take exploratory steps in this maze to reach the treasure? This workshop offers techniques to help writers explore ways to seek the most vibrant expression of a particular idea.

Participants are encouraged to bring a story idea: a new idea, a blocked idea or an idea in development requiring confirmation. Melissa Bruce holds an MA in Writing (UTS), a Diploma in Directing (NIDA) and a B.Ed. (Vic. College).

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