Women Writers' Literary Luncheon Wednesday 14 November, 2018

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Eleanor Limprecht - Presentation: Australian War Brides During World War II

Eleanor LimprechtEleanor Limprecht is the author of three novels – What Was Left (shortlisted for the 2014 ALS Gold Medal), Long Bay and The Passengers. The Passengers is based on the stories of Australian war brides who moved to the US after marrying American servicemen during WWII. More than 10,000 Australian women moved to the US on bride ships after marrying Americans, and they represent the largest ever mass migration of Australians abroad.

These women had to give up their Australian citizenship in order to become American citizens, and they were met with hostility for their decision both here and abroad. Eleanor will discuss this rich history as a source of fictional inspiration

MEMBER SPEAKER - Michele Bomford - Secrets Locked in Hidden Drawers

Michele BomfordMichele lives in the Southern Highlands and works as an independent historian and writer with a passion for early Australian history, Australia’s involvement in the First World War, and local and family history. The Shepherd Prince: Samuel Sowden and the silent voices of the Castlereagh River is her third book.

Samuel Sowden was a successful man, with an aspirational wife, a large family and a fine property on the Castlereagh River, near Coonabarabran. But beneath the smug respectability lay a secret past. Her talk will reveal those secrets locked in hidden drawers, how she discovered them, and why she wrote the story.

WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Eleanor Limprecht - Researching and writing historical fiction

Eleanor Limprecht Eleanor will demonstrate how she uses the tools of journalism and investigation to research and write compelling historical fiction. The process of making an era come to life can take a great deal of research, but this workshop will address the conundrum of how to keep that research from weighing down the story.

Different sources of inspiration will be examined, and the (necessary) separation of research from the process of creative writing.

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