Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 8 May, 2019

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Caroline Baum - Secrets and Scars: battle stories from the literary frontline

Caroline Baum Caroline is the author of ONLY a Singular Memoir - a revealing account of her life as the only child of troubled European parents with tragedy in their pasts.

She is the winner of the 2015 Hazel Rowley fellowship and is currently working on a second book. By May she will have completed her term as the inaugural Reader-in-Residence at the State Library of NSW. This year she is also a judge for the Premiers Literary Awards non fiction category. Previously, Caroline has been a judge for the Kibble and Stella awards. She is the former Editorial Director of Booktopia, Australia’s largest online bookseller and was the founding editor of Good Reading Magazine as well as being a presenter and producer for ABC TV and Radio.

Caroline has interviewed some of the world’s great writers including Jeanette Winterson, Margaret Atwood, Arundhati Roy, Helen Garner, Kate Atkinson, Alice Walker, Anne Enright, Edmund de Waal, Colm Toibin, Lee Child and Oliver Sacks. In her keynote talk, she will share her insights from a career of  talking to writers both on and off the stage, to illustrate  a lifetime’s experience of reading for a living, and the pleasures and pressures of these author encounters. Be prepared for  candid, behind the scenes revelations!

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WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Sharon Rundle - Come To Your Senses

Sharon Rundle Writers often concentrate on the visual in scenes, settings and description. Proust, inspired by ‘short, plump little cakes called petite madeleines’, wrote reams of memories that flowed from the taste of that 'little crumb of madeleine'*. Flavours can be a key to evoking certain times and places. Aromas, odours and fragrances are a well known trigger for retrieving memories. Sounds, too, are evocative.

The sense of sound is used to create tension and suspense in Gothic inspired stories, for example. Textures and the sense of touch are sometimes overlooked but can also be effective in creating mood and atmosphere. These literary devices can be used in fiction and creative non fiction – or other genres using literary fiction techniques to enhance their narrative. How can you activate your sensory perceptions? This hands-on workshop will show you and allow you to try out these techniques, so that you can see how you can apply them to your own writing – here, at home, or as an activity to practice in your writing group.

Sharon has taught creative writing at tertiary level for over twenty years, in Australia, UK and India. She holds a Doctorate of Creative Arts from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She has privately worked with and edited many well known authors, some of whom have mentioned her in their book acknowledgments. She had edited books published by Picador Pan Macmillan Australia and India; Brass Monkey Books Australia; Rupa Publishing House India; and is currently working with Orient BlackSwan to produce a fourth Indo-Australian anthology of stories.
* Proust: Remembrance of Times Past, Swann’s Way Volume 1, part 1, p 58-61. Chatto & Windus London 1964 edition

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