Women Writers' Literary Luncheon - Wednesday 9 October, 2019

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Cathy Perkins, Editor, SLNSW - The Shelf Life of Zora Cross

Cathy Perkins Cathy Perkins is the author of an upcoming biography of Zora Cross, an Australian writer best-known for her 1917 poetry collection Songs of Love and Life. Cathy is an editor at the State Library of NSW, and came across her biography subject while working on an exhibition at the library.

She has spent the past ten years researching the life of this fascinating Sydney and Blue Mountains–based writer. Cathy will speak about Zora Cross’s encounters with famous literary figures in her early writing career, and her engaging interviews with women writers in the 1920s and 30s

MEMBER SPEAKER - Susan Ramage - A Powerful Story of Our Times

Susan Ramage Susan will share both the inspiration and the perspiration for her second book, The Urban Escapees which invites questions about urbanisation and its impact on nature and biodiversity:  The lives and habitat of a possum family are threatened by urban creep. What will happen to them? Where will they go?An enchanting story of the relationship between a wildlife-loving boy and a brushtail possum family, The Urban Escapees is a powerful story of our times about increasing urbanisation and its impact on the natural world

WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Dr Manisha Amin - How to Write for a Multicultural Reading Audience

Manisha Amin In the context of globalisation and the subsequent rise of multicultural societies, such as those of Australia and India, the act of writing has become increasingly more demanding. Writers have to keep in mind the idea of a multicultural readership without losing touch with their own cultural background.

In this workshop, through the examples we create during our writing exercise, we shall examine the particular issues and problems of writing for multicultural audiences, and together, identify how to address them.

Manisha Jolie Amin was born in Kenya and moved to Australia with her family when she was five. Sydney is her home, although she travels frequently to both India and England to visit family. Manisha lives with her husband, son and cat. When not writing, she works for an inclusive design charity. In 2011 Manisha received a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney. Dancing to the Flute is her first novel. She has since written a number of short stories and has run workshops, worked as a writing coach and supported the Nautanki Theatre.

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