Women Writers' ZOOM Literary Speakers - Wednesday 16 September, 2020

95TH ANNIVERSARY SPEAKER - The Fabulous Jean Kittson

Jean Kittson Jean Kittson has a special treat in store for us for our 95th Anniversary. Jean is a performer, author and scriptwriter for stage, television, radio, magazines and newspapers. Jean came to national attention on 'The Big Gig'. Followed by Let the Blood Run Free, Kittson Fahey, Good News Week, the Glasshouse, Flat Chat, The Einstein Factor, Media Dimensions and Strictly Speaking, Talking ’Bout Your Generation, Studio Ten and is a regular guest on the Today Show. She is the author of Tongue Lashing, published by Penguin; You’re Still Hot To Me, published by Pan Macmillan Publishers Australia in 2014 and in 2020 Pan Macmillan published Jean’s latest book We Need To Talk About Mum (And Dad). Her film credits include Hating Alison Ashley and The Nugget. Theatre includes Mum’s the Word, Calendar Girls, Siren, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Jean guest starred in the pilot comedy ABCTV series Bleak with Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney and guest starred in their new TV series for the ABC Get Crackin’.

MEMBER SPEAKER - Gwen Wilson - The search for belonging: From Memoir to Historical Fiction

Gwen Wilson Gwen’s debut memoir, I Belong to No One  is a gritty tale of being raised the illegitimate, fatherless, daughter of a “mad” mother. A rebellious teenager in the 70s, Gwen became a mother in the Forced Adoption era. Was this life predestined by great-grandmother Louisa, born in Bradford in 1854? Her 1892 divorce created mayhem for the following generations. It’s a dramatic story – but how to turn Louisa’s Legacy into a page-turner? I Belong to No One is available from bookstores and online from Booktopia, Angus & Robertson, Amazon, Kobo and Book Depository, in paperback, eBook and audio (narrated by the author).

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Speakers Event - Wednesday 16 September, 2020
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WORKSHOP PRESENTER - Jacqui Winn - Character: The Heart Of The Story

Jacqui Quinn Readers hook into character more readily than any other aspect of story. An effective main character needs to be created from the inside out, rather than the other way around. An interesting internal life is the best starting point for setting up a main character that will breathe life into the plot and keep the reader’s interest for the entire story. This workshop will take participants through a process to set up the main character and secondary characters with depth and authenticity. Jacqui has two collections of short stories published by Ginninderrra Press and available for purchase on her website at jacquelinewinn.com

Workshop Event - Wednesday 9 September, 2020
$10 for Members and $15 for Non Members

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