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Mentor Service for Authors, Writers and Editors

Mentoring for Writing and Editing

Carolyn Beaumont Carolyn Beaumont

A mentor is a supporter of writers but never a dictator.
With quiet encouragement and gentle suggestion, a mentor can assist a writer to complete a poem, short story, novel, play, family history or biography.
A mentor can assist with mental blocks. There are solutions.
A mentor can discuss characters, dialogues, plots, settings and themes.
A mentor can be a sounding wall for a writer to bounce off ideas, sentence structures, chapter sequences, legal and ethical issues.
The corporate or self-publishing processes require manuscripts to be thoroughly edited and then proofread at printing stage.
A mentor can offer an objective view of structural balance and a fresh eye on line (or copy) editing of the text.
A mentor can advise on communications between authors and publishers/printers and discuss changes that may be advised.
A mentor can guide an author through the proofreading stage to final publication.  
An effective mentor knows that the final decision must always be the author’s decision.      
Please contact Carolyn Beaumont via the Society of Women Writers NSW at for more information, fees and bookings. 

Sharon Rundle Sharon Rundle - Book Doctor

A limited number of manuscripts are accepted, so your service is personalised.
Regular feedback is given at mutually agreed deadlines.
Mentor Service includes:
Working with an author or editor to develop a narrative fiction or non-fiction memoir, incorporating input from author.
Does not include the following
• Budgeting    
• Design supervision
• Production co-ordination

Working with an author or editor on Substantive/Structural Editing.
Clarifying or reorganising a manuscript for content and structure.
Does not include the following:
• Research   
• Writing original material
Please contact Sharon Rundle via the Society of Women Writers NSW at for more information, fees and bookings

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