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KEYNOTE SPEAKER : 'Towards the Book and What Comes After - Making Literary Music...'

Libby Hathorn AuthorLibby Hathorn, award-winning Australian writer...

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Women’s Ink!

Women’s Ink! is the quarterly official magazine publication of the Society, and is sent to all members, associates, major libraries and some institutions.

The publication chronicles all the activities that took...

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Membership to the Society automatically includes free subscription to our quarterly magazine Women’s INK!, e-News and publicity within the SWW network.

Visit our Membership page for more details, membership applications and renewals.

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Closing date for Short Stories, is 10 JULY…

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Closing date for Non Fiction entries is 7 August…

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Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning, Wilton, NSW

SWW offers you the opportunity to leave your writing cave and join us for a special experience. Retreat to the tranquility of a natural bush setting and relax as…

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