Meet Our Team

Liz Newton - Vice-President

Liz Newton lives in Sydney with her husband and dog. Her extensive travelling including road trips across continents, sailing adventures and family holidays provides inspiration for writing. 

Liz has worked in health services, in particular mental health including drug and alcohol settings in senior management roles, along with teaching at universities and involvement in health research, ethics and peer reviewing of  research articles and books.

Her academic background is in Anthropology and Comparative Sociology. Research included indigenous suicide, mental health vocational training and a PhD thesis on the ethnography of deinstitutionalisation in NSW and cross-cultural comparatives in UK, USA and Italy.

Published works include peer-reviewed journals, fiction novels Faraway on an Island and Jagged Edge of Joy, and two books of short stories Meandering and Secrets and Wishes. She has also published two chapbooks of poetry as well as poems included in other anthologies. Her latest book The Firing Line is a memoir. 

Liz has been a member of the Common Thread writing group  for ten years.