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SWW 95th Anniversary Anthology - Leaping into the Future: Protecting Our Wildlife Through Story

Call for Submissions.  -  SWW NSW MEMBER SUBMISSIONS

•    SWW NSW members are invited to submit stories, information articles and poems written for children 8-12 years to be included in the anthology
•    Suggested topics/themes: Australian native creatures of all kinds; native landscapes; climate change; weather; bushfire, flood, cyclones; human and natural resilience; marine environment and reefs; forests and trees . . .
•    Stories and articles up to 1,000 words
•    Poems up to 30 lines
•    Previously published work on the theme may be submitted
•    There is no payment for work accepted, no contributor copies and no fee to submit
•    One-off rights are requested: copyright remains with the creator
•    Electronic submission to leapingintothefuture@gmail.com
•    Submit in a Word doc 12 pt. Times New Roman, stories/poems should be double-spaced, poems single-paced
•    Please include your name and the title of your submission
•    Submission deadline: 31 May 2020


•    SWW NSW is also inviting students from bushfire-impacted areas across NSW to contribute to the Anthology through stories, poems and artwork
•    Please refer to the flyer for details
•    A Student Submission Form must be completed and returned with your submission
•    Send your submission electronically to leapingintothefuture@gmail.com
•    Submission deadline: 31 May 2020

SWW Anthology STUDENT Flyer Information HERE
SWW Anthology STUDENT Submission Form HERE