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In this issue, children’s author Belinda Murrell shares what she’s learned after publishing 35 books, Sue Steggall discusses the look of the book in contemporary publishing, Catherine McCullagh reveals the book that unexpectedly brought her to tears, Margaret Owen Ruckert talks about writing haikus, our members share their secrets for the perfect character name, and much more!

Released April 2022

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In our Spring/Summer issue, children’s author Wai Chim survives 44 days on Australian Survivor, Sophie Masson from Christmas Press unwraps the publishing process for us, emerging author Sally Jane Smith tackles her first professional edit, we travel through time and space with poetry, and honour Hilarie Lindsay. Plus all our usual features and more!

Released November 2021

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In this issue, explore the fascinating world of biography with Gabriella Kelly-Davies, dip into Felicity Pulman’s magic bag of ideas, let Libby Sommer soothe away your inner critic with mindful meditation, learn about the heart and humour of Larrikin House, 5 writers let us peek into their writing spaces and much more!

Released July 2021 

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In this issue, unlock your imagination with Sue Woolfe and the Neuroscience of Creativity, learn about the Art of the Book Cover with Kim Lock, embrace technology with author Jo Thornely, share Margaret Zanardo’s Accidental Love Affair with Poetry, discover what 5 different authors learned only after they were published, and much more! 

Released March 2021

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In our Spring/Summer issue, Anna Solding from MidnightSun opens up about life as a small publisher, Carmel Bendon inspires us to discover our ‘one book’, and Pamela Rushby immerses us in the world of castles and mummies. Plus there’s two fabulous new book reviews and we talk with the young illustrators of our anthology, Splash, Slither, Squawk!

Released November 2020 

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