Anne McEncroe, winner of The Society’s Writer’s Grant for 2021 was educated at Stella Maris College Manly. Her working career was secretarial, in legal and later advertising/public relations.  As a mature age student, Anne graduated in History and Philosophy of Science from Sydney University in 1994 and achieved a Master of Arts in Public History in 2004. This led to becoming a member of the Professional Historians Association. She was commissioned to curate local history photographic exhibitions at Warringah Mall and Manly Art Gallery. Then followed a commission to co-write the History of the Roche Factory in Australia when it closed down after 40 years. Her most recent venture was to co-write the history of Randells School of Dancing which was an icon on the Northern Beaches for over 40 years and which history had been sadly neglected. The family were thrilled with the result and Val Randell (now 93) was awarded an OAM on the strength of her application, based on the book. Having shockingly discovered at age 70 that she was adopted, Anne’s mission now is to write her memoir. 
By winning this grant, Anne receives for free three Literary Events and eight Workshops, either held via Zoom or in person at the State Library of NSW.
In announcing the award, Pippa Kay said The winner has co-written two local histories and is currently working on a memoir, having recently discovered the truth about her birth and the fact that she was adopted.  She’s looking for the help and support that she will receive by attending our literary events and workshops.
Congratulations Anne and all the best for the work you have ahead of you in creating your memoir.