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Cynthia Rowe

Paperback 2022

Written under the pen name Leigh Coad, Cynthia Rowe’s 8th novel follows the success of her Genna Perrier series. 

Across the Wash centres on ward of the state Marine Roux. Marine has been ferried from one foster home to another, from school to school. Her existence has been one of hardship and struggle, her life circumscribed by a dysfunctional upbringing. Wild and troubled, she strikes up a friendship with teacher Petro Justin. Their relationship soon drifts from a shared interest in English-language Japanese genre poetry and martial arts to a burgeoning intimacy. 

The author deals with the themes and subjects that are routinely sensationalised in the media, but the tone of the story is not salacious. Honestly told, Across the Wash brims with emotional and moral dilemmas. The book challenges you and makes you think.

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