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Anne Benjamin

Paperback 2022

Paperback, 300 pages, Coventry Press, Melbourne, 2022. ISBN 9781922 589170


Available from Coventry Press,


After all this time is a personal exploration of the gospels which combines scholarship and insight with poetry in about 150 short reflections. 


The author invites us on pilgrimage with her to Israel and Palestine. Through the 300 pages of the book, she uncovers the people, traditions, religions, customs and social realities of first century Palestine and then responds in contemporary language about what it means to accept the gospels as an authentic way to shape life and give meaning. 


After all this time has been described as scholarly and poetic.

One reader wrote: I found ‘After all this time’ very inspirational, coming into it as a non-Christian but open to learning more through your awesome poetic reflections.

One reviewer wrote: Anne’s responses are aided by her creative writer imagination but also ring with authenticity.

Anne was interviewed about the book on ABC Radio on 15 December 2022. One listener responded, I’ve just listened to the broadcast. A delightful interview – informed, reflective, scholarly, accessible – congratulations.


Anne Benjamin is a writer, consultant and educator with roots in the Hunter Valley and strong links with South India. Her writing includes tanka, tanka prose, poems and fiction published in journals and anthologies in Australia, Japan, UK, New Zealand, USA and Canada, including anthologies resulting from the Montreal Poetry Prize (2011) and the ACU Poetry Prize (2014, 2018 & 2019). Her poem Last Night on Mount Zion was Highly Commended in the 2019 ACU Poetry Prize.

Anne brings to her writing extensive experience as an academic, teacher and education consultant. Anne has authored or co-authored over 40 significant reviews in Australia and internationally. 

Anne’s other recent books include:

Saffron and Silk. An Australian in India, published 2016. (Available:, or through online venues)

Gemstones (Editor), an anthology of tanka written in collaboration with seven international poets, published 2016. (Available:

Not Forgotten (Co-editor), an anthology of essays and biographies of Australian Catholic educators, published 2020 by Coventry Press, Melbourne. (Available: Coventry Press)

Leadership in a Synodal Church (Co-author), published 2021 by Garratt Publications, Melbourne, which was Garratt Publications Book of the Year in 2021. (Available: Garratt Publications)

She initiated, contributes and edits biographies for the Biographical Dictionary of Australian Catholic Educators website hosted by ACU.

Anne and her husband live in Western Sydney. They have three adult children and one granddaughter.