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Valerie Pybus

Paperback 2021

Beyond the Tamar began decades ago with an incident in a flooded tin mine in Cornwall.

A small girl listened to the ‘Little People’ the tinners and thus began a tale. 

Beyond the Tamar is three books in one historic saga, set in 1800s Cornwall, Wales and thence to South Australia, encompassing the tin and copper industries.

  • Descend underground into a mine shaft and hear the ocean pounding above.

  • Travel and live with characters who share the attributes of the industrial revolution, slavery and the slate industry.

  • Experience the emotional impact of leaving a familiar life to set out for the unknown.

  • Share the emergence of the pastoral industry, gold rush finds and interactions with indigenous peoples.

  • Discover the impact of Germanic populations, their wine and pottery industries, their religious beliefs and so much more.

Available from  Amazon, Koorong Books, Booktopia, Arkhouse Press and various websites.