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Eva Rottenanger

Paperback 2023

Going Solo not only ‘takes readers by the hand’ on an around-the-world journey to create a sense of familiarity with the travel experience, but also invites them periodically to sit and contemplate the ‘meaning’ of what they observe through the author’s eyes: what it means to be part of history, a global citizen and a searcher for belonging and identity. Drawing on decades of travel and expat-living experience, the memoir concludes with meditations – offered as food for thought – on some pertinent issues such as defining who is responsible for the protection of human rights, peace, heritage, free speech, gender equity and the like. Also touched on is the complexity of our identity and concepts of nationality, belonging, citizenship and spirituality. Tips for newbie travellers complete the book.

Readers will feel they’ve made the journey with me. The unknown will appear familiar and allay any fears they may have of travelling, especially of going solo. My hope is that future travellers might engage more fully, inquire more deeply and notice more details around them because they’ve read this book. 

Extracts of reviews from seasoned expatriate travellers:

Most poignant was the author’s quest to understand herself, her origins and her place in the world …

    J Scott (Australian: lived in Malaysia)

I found a soulmate in the author. Travelling for me is also a way to find my own meaning, belonging and identity. I felt myself walking beside her on the streets of London, Chicago and other cities.

    K Ignasheva (Russian: lived in Beijing)

… provides both the inspiration and practical advice to simply take the leap and go

    P Carmody (Australian: lived in Hong Kong)

… engrossing and compelling while offering intriguing, thought-provoking insights …

    G Phillips (Malaysian: lived in South Korea)

… an excellent travel companion, especially for those new to solo travel, that led me to reflect on the web of contradictions that lie at the heart of any cultural engagement …

    G Jones (Australian: lived in Thailand)


Available soon from all major online bookstores and through the author’s website:

Hardcover: | 6 × 9in | 466 pages | ISBN 9781669830733
Softcover: | 6 × 9in | 466 pages | ISBN 9781669830726
E-Book: | 466 pages | ISBN 9781669830719
Audiobook to be released mid-2023.