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Mel Ifield

Paperback and Kindle

The latest novel from Melanie Ifield reveals the transformational journey of one woman who sets out to change everything in her life upon the realisation that the ‘script’ she had been living was slowly draining the life out of her soul. There was nothing new or exciting. She’d left the dreaming to the young girl she hadn’t been for many years.

That young girl had talked to many things, most of them unseen to the naked adult eye. She had dreamed and laughed and skipped about waving her arms, like the branches overhead. But way before thirty, she’d squashed any dreaming. It wasn’t allowed in the adult world. Dreams came under the heading of immaturity and adults were meant to be full of responsibility.

With the death of her mother, years after losing her father, the heroine of Listening to Echoes of her Self is freed from the restrictions placed on her through the guidance of her narrow-minded family. Without their supervision, she allows herself to explore the world around her, taking in new sights, sounds and tastes. This exploration leads to the marvellous and slightly daunting realisation – she is not as ordinary as they had led her to believe. In fact, nothing, and no one, is ordinary. Everyone has their own story to tell.

At ninety, she looks back over the last sixty years and can see how her life changed in an extraordinary way once she started to listen to the inner voice, or intuition, available to all.