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Willoughby Writers

Paperback 2021

Our small, selective band of writers 30 years ago, in 1991, creating an approach and philosophy which we still follow. Some members of that early group, still with us, continue to reinforce their long-term determination and loyalty to each other and to writing. 
Early on, the group adopted the name Willoughby Writers, simply because it met in Sydney’s North Shore suburb of Willoughby each Monday at 11:00 am.
Most of our members call Mondays the best day of the week, one of the strong title contenders for this anthology. After input from all of our current writers and consideration of many other options, we decided our short-story collection should be named Mondays at Eleven, reflecting our weekly meeting time.
Many of our members are also members of The Society – Annabet Ousback, Barb Watt, Elizabeth Hunter, Jan Conway, Meg Dunn, Rita Shaw, Robyn Elliott and Vivienne Foster. And Robyn McWilliam, a long-term member of The Society, was a tutor to the group for many years.

If you would like a copy of this anthology, please email Rita.