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Julie Thorndyke

Paperback 2019

Mrs Eileen Rickaby, a semi-retired botanical illustrator and Orchid Society member with a penchant for Mozart, lives a quiet ordered life with Missy, her cat. Her tranquillity is disturbed when close friend and neighbour Irene brings home a twice-widowed younger man of dubious character and introduces him as her future husband. Petty theft, vandalism and violence disrupt the peaceful retirement village.
How can Mrs Rickaby protect her friend from this con-man lover?
Mrs Rickaby’s Lullaby is an engaging novel of haunting lyricism and gentle humour, exploring the timeless themes of love, loss and widowhood, friendship and belonging.
‘Mrs Rickaby’s Lullaby is a fully emotive yet light and enjoyable novel, with beautiful construction and a poignant feeling to its conclusion.’ K C Finn
Published by Ginninderra Press   ISBN 9781760417093
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