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Colleen Keating

Paperback 2021

The story of a remarkable Australian woman anthropologist, artist, activist and especially Aboriginal advocate. A trailblazer who lived on the edge, exposed raw truth as witness to the turbulent first 75 years of the 20th century. Olive lived till 91 from 1884–1975. So her life overlaps with some of us. Colleen is hoping everyone, especially our young women, get to know her as one of our Australian heroines.

With a meticulously researched, absorbing verse narrative, Colleen Keating brings Olive Muriel Pink’s significant, neglected history to life with distinctive, beautiful imagery. In powerful lyrical stanzas, she tells the story of Olive’s struggle for recognition as a female anthropologist, her lifelong work for the rights of the Warlpiri and Arrernte people she loved and lived among, and the creation of her arid garden. ‘High on a camel swaying to and fro / with a straight back and a broad smile / Olive rides into her future.’ Olive’s persistence, her triumphs and her passion for justice make for uplifting and compelling reading.  Pip Griffin

Olive Pink is one of Australia’s unsung heroines. In this original and deeply moving biographical verse novel, Colleen Keating enables Olive Pink’s experiences with Aboriginal people in Central Australia to emerge with sensitivity, intellectual curiosity, understanding and grace. It is a triumph for reconciliation and will surely enter the annals of Australian literature.  Emeritus Professor Lyndall Ryan AM FAHA

A play, a dance, books, a proposed film, an opera and now a wonderful narrative poem by Colleen Keating. I wonder what Miss Pink would think about all this attention – her battles and passions appreciated at last!  Gillian Ward

Olive Pink’s life floats off the page – very much the character I’ve come to know and admire while translating her experience into music across this past decade. Colleen Keating gives us a seriously beautiful work based on research that brings Olive vividly to life. It is wonderful to see the astonishing story of this Australian woman Olive Pink, given the attention she so deserves. Such a visionary.  Anne Boyd

An invaluable and powerful addition to the story of Australian women who lived their lives working for equality and social justice. A joy to read.  Elizabeth Keating-Jones

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