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Felicity Pulman

Paperbacks 2021

Felicity Pulman’s newly revised and updated Shalott trilogy introduces today’s teenagers to the magical legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Five Australian teenagers set out on a quest: to rescue the Lady of Shalott and save Camelot. Instead, Callie’s quest breaks her heart, while all of their lives are changed forever. In #1 Shalott: Into the Unknown, the teenagers are caught up in the illicit love affair between Guinevere and Lancelot, the intrigues of the court, the dangerous ambition of the magical Morgan le Fay, and a deadly plague that could kill them all. In #2 Shalott: Dangerous Magic, Callie vies with Guinevere to win Lancelot’s love, while the Old Ways clash with the New, and death awaits them at the hand of the king. In #3 Shalott: End Play, Callie needs all her courage and ingenuity to face her true quest, and rescue her sister and friends from the Battle of Camlann and the dying days of Camelot. Read all about the Shalott trilogy on Felicity’s website: The novels are available from all online booksellers.