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Robyn Flemming

Paperback 2022

When Robyn Flemming left Australia to wander the world as a nomadic freelance editor, she was single and nearing sixty. It wasn’t the first time she had shed an old skin for a new one in the hope of changing who she was on the inside. Was her decision to risk everything yet again an act of faith or folly? Would she find the courage to change not only her surroundings but also herself?           

SKINFUL is about the questions we ask at life’s turning points: Who am I? What life do I want to live?

Robyn Flemming has been a freelance editor since the mid-1980s. She lived in Hong Kong from 1986 to 1993, and was a global nomad from 2010 to 2020. She has run five marathons and 48 half marathons in countries all over the world. Skinful is her first memoir. In 2022, nearing seventy, she will resume her global nomadic wanderings.

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