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Mel Ifield

Paperback and Kindle

Can curiosity really kill you?

One kills to protect. One constantly stumbles into trouble. Assassins. Adultery. Action. When does murder become the answer to difficult questions, and who gets to decide who lives and who dies?

Join 29-year-old Fiona Page in a thrilling action novel as she embarks on an adventure full of lethal friends and foes. One thing is for sure – when swimming in the murky waters of murder and romance, its better the assassin you know …


Fiona lives the high life and is full of humorous ramblings especially when she’s drinking to excess, and that is a lot of the time. She can’t imagine anything more hazardous than missing the next party, that is, until she meets her new neighbour. Suddenly there are intruders in the units, dangerous men drinking at Fiona’s local pub and an international hit-man in town hungry for revenge. Are all these directly linked to Fiona’s new neighbour, Jonelle?

Jonelle’s dark past holds friends and foes aplenty, and one of those old friends turns up looking for a fight. Fiona just can’t stop getting in the way and Jonelle may not always be there to save the day.


Thrown together in a moment of weakness by Jonelle’s unexplainable offer of friendship, Fiona must learn some basic lifesaving skills or Jonelle’s world may be the death of her.

There is something sinister about Jonelle that has Fiona torn: Should she be running for the hills, or diving right in to the life Jonelle is offering? And if she does decide to join her new friend, just how far is she prepared to go down the dark road of violence and menace? As she finds herself becoming more involved in, and accepting of, Jonelle’s dubious activities, Fiona begins to wonder if her judgement and morals really are that easy to corrupt.