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Mel Ifield

Paperback and Kindle

If chickens have no Geneva Convention to save them, then Bella may have the answer. Welcome to the CLA!

What is happening to the chickens behind the wire at the local hen farm? Bella is determined to find out in this adventure story full of action and mystery for ages seven and up!

Eleven year old Bella, Casey, Taylor and Jamie are stuck babysitting Bella’s eight year old brother Rhys, but Bella has other plans brewing!

Bella’s natural curiosity and sense of the dramatic makes her see conspiracies where there are none, but when her brother is upset by the condition of some chickens he finds at the Farmers’ Markets, she is determined to discover why they appear to be so ill.

Attempts to talk to the owners of the new hen farm just out of town are rudely knocked back and Bella is sure there is more going on behind the closed doors and high fences. Her friends are afraid that her crusading spirit will get them into trouble, but won’t say no to a new adventure. Rhys is determined to help out, even though he’s worried about what Bella might get up to next!

Come on a camping trip that leads to a frightful discovery and a confrontation with scary consequences. Read aloud to the whole family or delight in older children discovering a love of reading for themselves.