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Cindy Davies (Broadbent)

Paperback 2023

‘Falling in love is a luxury for a prince, my son. You have twenty women in your harem. Your duty is to make love with all of them and produce male heirs for the empire.’ But charismatic Prince Orhan, heir to the Ottoman Sultan of Türkeye, ignores his mother’s advice when he rescues a Russian slave girl, Rusalka, from drowning. He falls in love with her, takes her into his opulent harem, and renames her Süreyya. But she has a secret that could cost her life or have her banished. The harem is a hotbed of jealousies and intrigue. Süreyya is determined to escape, until she spends some intimate time with Prince Orhan. When Süreyya is unexpectedly offered her freedom, it comes at a price.

Cindy Davies’ third novel explores the intrigues and politics of the sixteenth-century Ottoman harem. The women are answerable to Emira, mother of the prince, and the chief eunuch, Abdul. This well-researched book gives an insight into the day-to-day lives of the harem women, and the hopes and despair of some of them as they vie for the position of favourite concubine.

Published by Odyssey Books and available as an e-book from all the usual online retailers. Hard copies are available from the author at a special SWW price of $25.00 plus postage.