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Susan Steggall

Paperback 2021

Susan Steggall: A casualty of 2021 Covid-19 lockdowns was the appearance of my new novel The Heritage You Leave Behind. The eBook has been available on the various digital platforms since August but now that I and the paperback version are together, I am looking to introduce it to the public. ISBN: 978-0-9581964-8-2 (print); ISBN: 9780958196499 (eBook); Éditions Kusatsu. For all enquiries contact:; or website:

Glasgow 1948 and 23-year-old Ellie (Eilean) Gilmartin becomes a sculptor, despite family opposition and the shadow of her father’s torment following service in World War I. Discovering that her mother did not die when she was a toddler but returned to the country of her birth sends Ellie to Australia to find out why. After bureaucratic obstacles, psychological and physical threats, Ellie learns that she cannot assume responsibility for the deeds of her parents but must leave their tragic heritage behind. A steadfast ally shows Ellie the possibility of love, in the future.