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Kelly Van Nelson

Paperback June 2022

Sneaking through airport security, two passports burned a hole in his pocket; one allowing him to run, the other never allowing him to escape. Leaving behind a devastated family and the girl it was impossible to forget was never going to be easy.

Simon was brutally attacked in a South African prison cell after a night out with his brother, Jaco, ended in violence. A week later, he was struggling to button his shirt beneath the pinstripe suit as he climbed the corporate ladder of the recruitment industry. In the aftermath of his mistakes, the only thing distracting him from the torment of suicidal thoughts was the pretty redhead sitting across him in the cube farm. In his quest to find peace and redemption, the last thing he expected to find was love.

From bestselling author Kelly Van Nelson comes this gripping coming-of-age novel about a young man battling his inner turmoil after a harrowing incident changes the course of his life forever. Rich with emotional undertones of overcoming guilt, battling with a strewn identity and a budding romance which seems doomed from the beginning, this story unravels an intriguing and touching analysis of what happens to a soul plagued by misfortune. In a journey from the southern tip of Africa to the shadows of Edinburgh Castle, this eloquent reflection captures the contrasts of society and the power of family and friends in the recovery of trauma, but first there is a detour to the darkest corners of the mind.

Kelly is the author of seven books, including #1 bestsellers Graffiti Lane, Punch and Judy, and Retrospective. Her contemporary poetry has featured in numerous publications and her books are frequently gifted to A-list celebrities including Academy Award winners. She is co-host of the Wordsmith Poetry Podcast and is a prominent media figure, discussing social issues including bullying and domestic violence. Kelly is a KSP First Edition Fellowship recipient, winner of AusMumpreneur ‘Big Idea Changing the World’ Award, Roar Success Best Book and Most Powerful Influencer Awards. She is also the full-time Managing Director, Operations Asia Pacific for a global organisation and was a 2020 CEO Magazine Managing Director of the Year finalist and Telstra NSW Businesswoman of the Year finalist. She is represented by Newman Agency and her website for more information and book sales is

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Lusaris (A Serenity Press Imprint)
ISBN: 0645456403