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Anne Maria Nicholson

Paperback 2022

Life in a seaside suburb on Sydney Harbour appears idyllic from the outside, but cracks are appearing in the lives of five well-heeled but mismatched friends. Brought together by Kristen in her constant quest to help refugees, they share a passion for poker. On the fourth Wednesday of the month, they gather to gamble on cards and each other. 

From Kristen, earth mother and champion of underdogs, to Leo, successful real estate agent greedy for more; from Tully, talented, troubled TV producer searching for love, to Max, philandering, overpaid lawyer hankering for fame; to Eugenie, IT whizz but a dud at relationships. 

Into their privileged world come asylum seekers trying to make their way in a hard-arse Australia. Suddenly, their ‘first world’ problems are overshadowed by the horrors facing newcomers whose very lives hang in the balance. Poker Protocol explores life in middle Australia with humour and passion through five people struggling with their own lives and split by a society losing sight of its values.

Publication date: 17 August 2022
Publisher: Tablo
ISBN: 9781685834517 
RRP: $29.95
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