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Christine Sykes

Paperback 2022

The Tap Cats, a Queensland based tap dancing group, face unexpected challenges when they enter the Seniors Superstar competition.

Through the observant eyes of Carol’s journalist niece Melissa, we meet Carol, Sofia and Bonnie whose lives have been intertwined since primary school. Their hopes, dreams, ageing, heartaches and heart mends have been woven together in a close web for decades. Bonds which are in danger of unravelling when long held secrets are revealed. Secrets that rock the foundations of their friendship and the destiny of the Tap Cats.

Set in the stunning landscape of the Sunshine Coast, the women tap their way through the competition, as well as trials and tribulations, all the way to New York and a Greek Island.

Author Bio

Christine Sykes grew up in the same street as the Whitlam family in Sydney’s Cabramatta which she recounted in her bestselling memoir Gough and Me (Ventura 2021). She is a champion of creating opportunity for those less fortunate through her work with the public service and more recently with the charity Dress for Success on which her first novel The Changing Room was based. 

Christine’s Aunt Peggy was a keen tap dancer and this story is dedicated to her. 

Publication details

•  Publisher: Ventura Press (August 3, 2022)
•  ISBN13: 9780645432817