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Diane Armstrong

Paperback 2024

Diane Armstrong is a child Holocaust survivor who arrived in Australia in 1948. She is a prizewinning journalist and the author of eight bestselling books . Her historical novel Nocturne won the Biennial Fiction Prize awarded by the Society of Woman Writers. 

Her latest novel The Wild Date Palm will be published on 3 April 2024.

During a traumatic train journey across Turkey’s Anatolian Plain in 1915, Shoshana witnesses the slaughter of the Armenians and comes face to face with her destiny. Convinced that her small Jewish community in Ottoman Palestine will soon meet a similar fate, she forms an audacious plan. Enlisting a group of co-conspirators who include her charismatic lover, she forms a spy ring. World War I is raging, Turkey and Britain are at war, and they risk betrayal, torture and death to spy on the Turks and pass on intelligence to the British.

Based on extraordinary true events, The Wild Palm is the story of a young woman who risks everything to challenge the might of the Ottoman Empire. It explores what makes young people risk their lives in pursuit of an ideal and asks what are we willing to die for? 

With its exotic setting, thrilling action and passionate love affair, The Wild Date Palm has been described as ‘Lawrence of Arabia meets Out of Africa’. 

Publisher: Harlequin/HarpercCollins.
Available at all bookshops, on Kindle and Audible.