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Judith O’Connor

Paperback 2024

A selection of short stories. Diverse. Funny. Sad. Snapshots of The Depression and the Apartheid protests. In one story a jealous young woman is trapped in remote bushland. Should she save her husband or let him die? An Irish wharfie juggles the moral dilemma between church and his beloved rugby union. And the 1940s crooner Bing Crosby features in a moment of closeness between father and daughter.

Other stories tell of the fear and danger of being alone on a remote snow-covered volcano; a confronting brush with the law; a conversation with a disinterested cat; a near-death experience and the whispered secrets of an old house. 

Published by Ginninderra Press. Copies available from

Judith O’Connor has worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist and editor in Australia and overseas. She has published and contributed to several books and her short stories have won various awards and been published in anthologies. She lives in Sydney and is currently writing a novel set in Eveleigh railway workshops in the 1920s.