Member Profiles

Christine Sykes has three published books. The Changing Room, which won the The Society of Women Writers NSW 2020 fiction award, was based on her experiences at the non-profit Dress for Success which provides practical support and help for women looking for work.

Being raised in Albert Street, Cabramatta, provided the basis for her memoir, Gough and Me: My Journey from Cabramatta to China and Beyond, which won the Society of Women Writers NSW 2022 non-fiction award. In Gough and Me, Christine overlays the social and political events of the tumultuous decades of the 1960s and 70s, and the impact that Gough Whitlam had – not only on her own life but on generations of Australians.

Her most recent novel, The Tap Cats of the Sunshine Coast, was inspired by her Aunty Peg, who took up tap dancing when she retired.436