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Once upon a time

Elizabeth Hunter

Paperback 2020

Once upon a time – Tales of Fantasy & Magic After falling out of a hot air balloon as it floats high above the Eiffel Tower, Pierre lands on a…

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The Beating Heart

Denise O’Hagan

Paperback 2020

The Beating Heart is an allusion to the continuous pulsing of feelings that lie beneath the surface reality of our lives. This 90-page collection of poems, which includes internationally…

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The Golden Tower

Belinda Murrell

Paperback March 2021

In her wildest dreams, Sophie never thought she might be kidnapped by a cat and taken to a world of flying horses and wonder – but also magic, mystery and…

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Jessie Traill - A Biography

Jo Oliver

Hardback February 2020

This biography explores the remarkable life of Jessie Traill – artist, traveller, humanitarian and independent spirit. From the ten-year-old who first met Tom Roberts painting on the shores of Port…

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Gough and Me: My journey from Cabramatta to China and beyond

Christine Sykes

Paperback May 2021

When Gough Whitlam moves into her street in Cabramatta in 1957, eight-year-old Christine has little idea how her new neighbour, one of the most visionary and polarising political leaders of…

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Mrs Rickaby’s Lullaby

Julie Thorndyke

Paperback 2019

Mrs Eileen Rickaby, a semi-retired botanical illustrator and Orchid Society member with a penchant for Mozart, lives a quiet ordered life with Missy, her cat. Her tranquillity is disturbed when…

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A Rhino Lady in Africa - Crashing into the Unknown

Rita Shaw

Paperback May 2020

After many years of enjoying photography and promoting rhino conservation as hobbies, Rita went to Africa for the first time in 2008.  This book is a precis of Rita’s…

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Skimming the Surface - Expats in Kiribati

Jan Conway

Paperback | December 2020

Were Andy and Jan Conway brave, as some said, or naïve to take three young children to live on a remote coral atoll?

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