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the light we cannot see

Anne Casey

Paperback June 2021

the light we cannot see traverses a globe caught in the combined turmoil of the climate crisis, COVID-19 and humanitarian unrest, as seen through the eyes of a mother, worried…

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Ted Rutter/Pip Griffin

Paperback May 2021

Envoi, selected poems 1990–2017 by Ted Rutter (1940-2017) Edited by Pip Griffin This book is the fourth collection of Ted Rutter’s poetry. Ted, Pip’s late partner, was a New Zealand…

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Ursula's Story, from Berlin to Bayview

Vivien Wilson

Paperback 2021

‘I could have shot Hitler that day.’ So begins the fictionalised memoir of the author’s mother. Born in Berlin in 1913, with a Jewish father, Ursula is a naïve…

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Against the Tide

Margaret Zanardo

Paperback chapbook 2021

These are poems of love, struggle, perseverance and hope, set against the power of the sea and the mystery of the moon. Inspired by the ever-changing nature of the sea…

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Julie Thorndyke

Paperback 2021

Survival, desire, disaster; misadventure, murder and magic combine in this unique collection of tales set in locations including old rural Australia, present-day cities and the distant mystical past. Twenty-seven short…

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'Tis the Doing Not the Deed

Susan Steggall

Paperback 2019

At the heart of my third novel, ‘Tis the Doing Not the Deed (Shooting Star Press, 2019), is a question: What if an artist does something – the ‘doing’ –…

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Once upon a time  - Tales of Fantasy & Magic

Elizabeth Hunter

Paperback 2020

After falling out of a hot air balloon as it floats high above the Eiffel Tower, Pierre lands on a magic carpet that takes him to Istanbul. His journey continues…

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The Beating Heart

Denise O’Hagan

Paperback 2020

The Beating Heart is an allusion to the continuous pulsing of feelings that lie beneath the surface reality of our lives. This 90-page collection of poems, which includes internationally…

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The Golden Tower

Belinda Murrell

Paperback March 2021

In her wildest dreams, Sophie never thought she might be kidnapped by a cat and taken to a world of flying horses and wonder – but also magic, mystery and…

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