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Immigrant Australian Sally Jane Smith has visited 33 countries and lived on five continents, working in museums, universities, a language institute, a residence for people with severe physical disabilities, a primary school, a wildlife park and an art gallery.

In 2006, the bus on which she was travelling through Sri Lanka suffered a head-on collision, breaking her body and her spirit. A decade later, she journeyed to Greece in a quest to recover her wanderlust – and proved it is possible for an out-of-shape, middle-aged woman on a budget, equipped only with a guidebook and her mother’s 1978 travel diary, to experience a remarkable adventure.

Sally is currently seeking representation for her manuscript Unpacking for Greece: Turning the Pages from Fear to Fulfilment (working title). She has started her second book-length project, inspired by her seven-week solo journey through Turkey and the emotional landscape of grief, and is the author of Some Leafs: Grandma Gropp’s Tale in the anthology Itchy Feet: Tales of Travel and Adventure.


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